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Bluetooth NES Controller

NES controller - $5 (I had one with a dead IC: Perfect)
Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Key HID - $20
Kensington Pocket Battery k38056us - $16
Toggle Switch $4
CD tray opener switch
Dremel Bits - $15 (WOW)

Back of the controller

I started by making some room for the battery. The one I used is 3.7v 1200mAh which for this controller is definitely overkill.
I removed a post because I needed room for the charging circuit/EZ-Key but I had room above the buttons and behind the board so this was unneccesary. Hover to zoom, unnecessary steps will be in red.

Front of the controller

I had already performed the LED logo mod and I reused the face. Don't pay attention to anything but the hole behind the logo. Hover to zoom, unnecessary steps will be in red.


This could probably have been left alone, but I had a dead IC. I cut the board right above the lower solder points to reuse the dpad connections. but I overlooked the start/select B and A buttons so I had to solder onto the traces to get those working again. Hover to zoom, unnecessary steps will be in red.


We've got a lot to cram into this little space, it's a good thing we removed all of the unnecesary plastic inside the controller. Hover to zoom, unnecessary steps will be in red.

Finished Product

The LED looked strange sticking out of the case like it was, I took the grinder to it to file it down and went way too far. Filed the LED out of commission. It's actually a good thing because of the transparency of the LED it illuminates so I can see the EZ-Key's Pairing LED/ Button Press LED and the charging circuit LEDs, I plan to remove it completely and replace it with clear hot glue or some opaque plastic for visibility. Hover to zoom, unnecessary steps will be in red.


  • Man, I packed a lot of stuff into that controller; consequently the controller has a little weight to it.
  • The input can be laggy at times, even though the keypress LED lights up instantly. This leads me to believe it's interference or maybe the placement of the antenna isn't ideal (which it's not) although I am relying on software to define the keypresses because I didn't change the default keypresses.
  • The battery is overkill but it should keep this thing running for weeks without charging.
  • Will replace the USB cable with a female micro USB port and maybe replace the on off toggle with a mini/micro latch switch.